Supernatural Wax 200ml - substantially-natural wax for show cars and classics

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Supernatural Wax has no added colourings or fragrances to make it as pure - and effective - as possible. Together with an increased amount of T1 grade carnauba carried within a gentle solvent, it means that this award-winning wax has incredible optical purity. The mild solvent also makes it particularly suitable for vintage or antique paint on classic cars, or for other sensitive paint finishes. Could this be, therefore, the world's best 'show wax'?

This 200ml jar is the best-selling Supernatural variant, with enough wax inside to last for many years on a fleet of cars.

Recommended recoating interval 2-4 months.

Upon launch, Supernatural received a warm welcome from the detailing community and won a number of industry awards. Whilst hybrid waxes and sealants often steal the limelight today, substantially-natural waxes have a superb finish and often the only safe option for applying to classic paintwork or PPF (paint protection) film. 

*Detailing World Protection Product of the Year 2010* * Carwax up to 150 EUR Product of the Year 2011*