Supernatural Glaze 100ml - TRADE CASE - tyre/trim/hide dressing - origin UK - HS 34053000

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Trade case of 12x jars of Supernatural Glaze 100ml.

MSRP per unit = £16 inc taxes; trade price £8 ex taxes = 40% POR.

If you're looking for a glossier tyre dressing, something to pep up plastic/rubber exterior trim or a shinier finish than our leather sealant provides, then Supernatural Glaze is what you've been looking for.

It leaves a dry, satin finish on all hard surfaces and is simple to apply.

Durability will never be more than a couple of weeks on tyres, but you should see 1-2 months of longevity on exterior trim. And it doesn't matter whether it is rough or smooth in texture; Supernatural Glaze goes on easily and provides a superb, attractive finish.

Note that this product is not a paint glaze or wax... apply it to trim, tyres, vinyl and hide. This is where it really excels.