Supernatural Introduction Clay Kit - starter clay bundle (2 items) £2 saving

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Clay and lube.

All you need to start claying.

And don't be fooled by the clays that say you can use water as a clay lube - extra lubrication may not be needed for the clay, but what about the contaminants being removed? These will invariably be hard and abrasive, requiring lubrication to prevent them scratching your paintwork.

We always recommend the use of a decent clay lubricant like Supernatural Clay Lube with ALL clay bars.

This kit contains 100g (two 50g bars) of our multi-grade detailing clay and 500ml of lube in a spray bottle - and for less money than purchasing these items separately.

Contains: Supernatural Detailing Clay 100g (2x50g), Supernatural Clay Lube 500ml

(£20 list price of items = £2 saving)