What make Supernatural products different to other car care products on the market?

We make Supernatural products without any artificial colouring and fragrances, in order to maximise the performance of the core ingredients.

It's a bit like a Porsche 911 RS with the radio and air conditioning removed. If you take out the unnecessary components, the remaining useful ingredients can work harder.

Are Supernatural products 100% natural?

No, whilst our signature Supernatural wax is substantially natural and we offer concentrated shampoos to cut down on packaging waste, we cannot claim that our products are 100% natural. Our aim is ultimate performance in the realm of car care products, whilst being considerate of nature and taking our environmental responsibilities seriously (recyclable packaging etc).

How do I look after my natural wool Yeti or Wookie wash mitt?

All natural wool wash mitts will be prone to moulting and rotting by nature. Please choose a synthetic alternative like our Supernatural Wash Sponge if you are not aware that these mitts are effectively wear items with a longevity of 3 months to 3 years. Never store your mitt in a plastic bag or let it stand in water. It is best to simply allow it to dry naturally after use, then reuse it before it gets completely dry again (say, within a two week period). If it has become dry, do not force your hand into it; let it soak for 5 mins until it is supple. If your wash mitt becomes too dirty or matted, you can rinse it in our wash mitt detergent and detangle it gently using a pet hair comb.

I have killed my wash mitt, what are my options?

If you have purchased the wash mitt within 90 days and have looked after it according to fair usage instructions, we will either replace it, refund you or offer you a synthetic alternative (UK customers only). Note that you should inspect your wash mitt upon initial receipt and use for loose stitching. If it is in good condition initially, it cannot be a warranty issue if it fails later - it is an improper usage or storage issue. If it fails after 90 days, we suggest it is replaced with a synthetic mitt of wash sponge, but sadly we cannot offer a remedy ourselves.