Supernatural Wash Kit - premium wash bundle - choose from Wookie/Yeti/SN Sponge

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The wash essentials - mitt, drying towel and shampoo. And arguably the best of breed in all categories, with the longest pile mitts, softest sponge, softest drying towel and most concentrated and sophisticated car shampoo available.

This kit contains:

  • Choice of two long hair mitts or a detailer quality sponge. Both the 'Wookie' and 'Yeti' mitts are 100% natural and hold a huge amount of water to sluice over your car, plus the longest pile available (to keep dirt well away from your car's paintwork). Note that these natural mitts have a higher failure rate because of their natural hide backing so if you have never had a 100% natural mitt before, maybe opt for our detailer quality sponge instead? The Supernatural Sponge is made from the softest 110ppi foam available and has a waffle face for gentle removal of debris and contamination.
  • A Supernatural Drying Towel. At 1200x600mm, this is extremely large and no towel is softer. Please note however, that its super-plush deep pile may mean that it lints on certain 'sticky' paints (perhaps the paint is microscopically rough due to being old or unclayed, or sticky due to previous detailing products being present). This may prove irritating on old, dark coloured cars.
  • Supernatural Shampoo 250ml. This equates to 375 litres of wash water, or about 40 standard buckets. Enough to wash a car for a year at generous and frequent intervals. Supernatural Shampoo isn't just concentrated, though. It also contains limescale inhibitors, plus sheeting/rinsing/anti-static agents. We don't think you'll find a more sophisticated car shampoo anywhere on the market.

Contains: Supernatural 'Wookie' Wash Mitt, Supernatural Shampoo 250ml, Supernatural Drying Towel

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