Supernatural Leather Brush - leather, vinyl and upholstery brush SECONDS

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This is a Supernatural Leather Brush that's either got some bent bristles, has a small knot in the wooden handle or something along those lines. Nothing too bad, but nothing we can sell as 100%. This could make it a bit of a bargain for you...

PLEASE NOTE that the picture used is for illustrative purposes only and does not depict the exact item you will receive.

Here's what we say about the Supernatural Leather Brush, in case you're wondering...


Our Supernatural Leather Cleaner has won multiple awards, and now we have the perfect companion for it - the Supernatural Leather Brush.

It's firm in action but soft to the touch, gently yet effectively removing debris and dirt from your seat without marking delicate leather finishes.

Great along seams and capable of flowing into nooks and crannies when the bristles are splayed under pressure (we recommend using a waffle weave microfibre or detailing sticks for the smallest and tightest crevices).

The comfortable wooden handle fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, allowing you to cover large areas quickly and effortlessly and those synthetic bristles won't break or moult like natural boar hair.

You'll find it perfect for upholstery and carpets as well.

And at 160x45mm it's double the size of some similar brushes, so it represents superb value for money.

When you're done, give it a little rinse under the tap, then let the bristles dry naturally.

Our final thought? After the leather's clean, why not apply Supernatural Leather Sealant to protect your seat and preserve the finish? It's made to repel oil and water based contaminants and preserve the suppleness of the leather.

Please note that using a brush is more aggressive than using a cloth and increases the cleaning effect of leather cleaning solutions; check on an inconspicuous area first if unsure of results.