Supernatural Leather Sealant 500ml - natural 'dry' finish sealant for leather and vinyl

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Leather 'feeds' and creams of an oily nature can capture contaminants which are then ground into the leather, making it look unsightly and even possibly degrading the finish if they are mildly abrasive. Supernatural Leather Sealant does no such thing.

Instead, it's an abrasive-free high performance ‘dry’ sealant made to repel dirt and other deposits - not attract or encapsulate them. Being oleophobic as well as hydrophobic, it can resist dye from denim jeans and biro marks in addition to the usual spillages.

It also locks moisture into the leather and helps ‘elasticise’ the surface, conditioning the leather and increasing pliability. This results in fewer cracks and wrinkles in the mid to long term.

In terms of finish, this is not a glossy 'wet look' product, as these invariably contain the waxes and oils that should be avoided. Instead, it leaves behind a natural 'satin' finish.

Use Supernatural Leather Cleaner first for if the leather is heavily soiled; otherwise a wipe with a damp cloth should be sufficient. It also suits vinyl application and can be applied to Alcantara/microsuede (spray thin, multiple coats for consistent coverage).

Please note that this product contains a solvent and therefore it may not suit old, degraded or sensitive finishes. Test on an inconspicuous area first. Do not continue application if colour transfer to an application cloth occurs.

If you are interested in the principles of leather care, the video below may be useful. Modern cars have coated leather, or leather cloth, that is different from the antique leather used for old furniture, saddles etc.