Supernatural Wash Sponge - detailer grade super-soft waffle sponge

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The Supernatural Wash Sponge is far removed from the tatty jumbo sponge so often derided on detailing groups and forums.

Firstly, it's made from the softest open cell foam available (110ppi), and dense enough to hold all the wash water you can handle.

Then, it has a waffle finish on one side to agitate dirt, minimise marring and to fit into nooks and crevices - plus it’s in ‘ivory’ white colour to show any dirt on the wash face. Check it before it touches the paint and you'll never endanger your paint again; there's no pile for dirt to hide in!

But best of all, unlike a natural lambswool wash mitt, it’s easy to clean and look after. If you’ve never got on with a mitt, this is what you’ve been waiting for… and if people say sponges aren't as good or as safe as mitts, they simply don't understand how to use them properly (and won't have used a Supernatural Wash Sponge either!).

A final point: this product is the choice of many detailing pros, preferred to other mitts and sponges - so you'll be in good company when you purchase one. In effect, it's the wash medium of sophisticated, enlightened and intelligent detailers. And that means you, surely?