Supernatural Mini Microfibre - orbital cutting pad 80mm (3 inch)

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Orbital machines generally cut less than their rotary equivalents, and this can be frustrating with tougher paint. Enter the Supernatural Mini Microfibre orbital cutting pad, which helps maximise the polishing potential of orbital machines.

Sure, you need the right polish and a good technique, but with skill and care you can reach the levels of cut that rotaries enjoy with just a humble orbital machine. This means that DAs are no longer 'starter machines' for newbies to leave behind after a few months or years. You can now buy a DA as your only (and long term) machine and use it for whatever detailing job comes your way, because there'll always be a microfibre pad and suitable polish available to level the playing field. Well, level the paint.

This 80mm foam backed microfibre pad is a smaller spot pad (great for isolated defect removal or working smaller areas, A-pillars, along creases and swage lines etc.) that pairs with 70-75mm 3 inch backing plates and has a traditional 'hook and loop' backing.

After use, simply apply neat washing-up liquid to remove polish residues, rinse under a running tap and then allow to air dry. Note that some discoloration of these pads may occur if coloured polishes are used. This does not affect performance.