Supernatural Deus 30ml - ultimate performance hybrid car wax

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Award-winning Supernatural Hybrid, now infused with Graphene and SiO2 to create a god amongst paste waxes: Supernatural Deus.

Half wax, half sealant, Supernatural Hybrid changed the LSP game a decade ago and won BOTH the wax and sealant categories in the Detailing World awards in the year it was launched. 

Durable, easy-to-use and with a crisp, glossy finish that could fill minor swirls and other paint defects, Supernatural Hybrid became a go-to wax for owners of daily driven cars. With up to 6 months between coats, there was no need for a summer wax and a more durable winter coating. Hybrid did it all, in just one jar.

Now, recent technologies have allowed for us to enhance Supernatural Hybrid even further to create a new wax - Supernatural Deus. With graphene oxide and silicon dioxide now featuring in the formulation, performance is now at the very limit of what is possible in paste wax terms.

Produced in strictly limited numbers, Supernatural Deus comes in bespoke packaging to befit its status as the most luxurious car wax ever released by Supernatural. An aluminium anodised jar sits inside a special case, complete with magnetic catch. No more than 300 jars of Supernatural Deus 30ml will ever be made.

This engineering majesty rises to even higher heights with Supernatural Deus Rex - the 250ml version of Supernatural Deus. The larger variant has a substantial aluminium container that has been CNC machined, spark eroded and anodised; a special engraved insert in Royal Purple is sunk into the lid to commemorate its 2023 UK coronation year release. This container then nestles inside a latched vegan leather case, lined with soft purple flock. Only 15 examples of Supernatural Deus Rex have been created, making it a true collector's piece.