Supernatural Infinity - nano-ceramic ultra durable paint sealant

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Supernatural Infinity is a state-of-the-art quartz nano (ceramic) coating, of a type that has previously been for professional application only. Now it has been made available to the enthusiast detailer, so you can experience the water repellence, durability, scratch resistance and longevity for yourself.

Sure, it’s not cheap, but a coat is technically harder than the underlying paint itself, an application can last up to 1-2 years (rather than just a few months) and is extremely durable, shrugging off strong chemicals and detergent washes that stunt the lifespan of normal waxes or sealants.

Please note that this product has a strong and unpleasant smell and is not easy to apply. The paint should be solvent-wiped before application, and ideally machine polished as this product will not 'fill' minor swirls and defects like a wax. It should not be applied to UV-damaged or oxidised paintwork, and it is not recommended for classic cars. If in doubt, use Supernatural Hybrid paste wax/sealant which will be far more forgiving. Supernatural Infinity is at its best when applied to brand new cars (like a 'dealer sealant') or modern, light coloured cars.

Expect 30ml to coat 1-2 cars; 50ml 2-4 cars (depending on size). Longevity 1-2 years depending on application and maintenance.