Supernatural Hybrid Nano 100ml - nano-ceramic SiO2 infused hybrid car wax

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Our award-winning Supernatural Hybrid formula has been fortified even further with SiO2 ingredients to make a special ‘nano’ hybrid.

This creates a very durable show wax with outstanding water sheeting behaviour, superb beading and a further benefit of filling/masking minor swirls (which nano products don’t generally do).

In short, you get the ease of use, depth of shine and optical filling of a wax, with the adhesion, chemical resistance and sheeting of a nano-ceramic sealant.

This makes it a stunning show wax with a better finish ‘out of the jar’ on regular/unmachined paint than nano-ceramic liquids can achieve, and it’s also a great topper if your nano application is inconsistent or less than perfect in finish terms.

Use it as a nano application 'get out of jail free' card. Whether our nano ceramic sealant or someone else's, if the finish is difficult to buff, streaky or smeary - reach for Hybrid Nano. One coat later and a consistent nano-infused finish results... no need to machine the old nano layer off!

Drawstring presentation/storage bag and full instructions for application supplied.

Please note that this product has a strong smell and may not be suitable for faded, UV-damaged or cellulose paint types.