Supernatural Micro Prime - ultra-fine cut polish & pre-wax cleanser

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Probably the finest pre-wax cleanser/polish on the market, in quality terms as well as abrasive size...

Supernatural Micro Prime uses the smallest polishing media available to ensure that even the most delicate paint finishes are prepared and refined without being accidentally marred. A godsend if you polish by hand or have a limited working time. Despite the fine finish achieved, Supernatural Micro Prime has surprisingly effective cut and cleaning abilities - so it's no lightweight. Those particles may be small, but they're still hard!

And wait until you try it by machine... this is what jewelling or burnishing was invented for. Use some Micro Prime with a soft finishing pad to create for the ultimate level of gloss and refinement. Even leading fine cut compounds are coarser than Micro Prime. If you've never tried it and think you're at the top of your game refinement-wise, grab a bottle and see where Micro Prime can take you.

All in all, the perfect precursor to a wax or sealant, whether applied by machine or hand, to establish a clean and glossy surface beneath your preferred protection stage product.