Supernatural Acrylic Spritz - layerable acrylic spray sealant

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Acrylic spray sealants can give ultra-high performance and Supernatural Acrylic Spritz is no exception.

What’s more, it’s water-based so it won’t interfere with fresh wax layers. And this also makes it perfect for Paint Protection Film (PPF) and vintage paint finishes.

Expect months of durability from a single coat misted onto bodywork (2-4+ months) or use it to 'top up' existing coatings.

You can even use it on wheels (as a convenient wheel sealant) and on textured trim and other plastics - there's no visible residue once it's cured.

In other words, it's one of the most versatile protection products in the Supernatural range, although it has a lower profile than it deserves.

If you haven't tried it, you are undoubtedly missing out - add it to your basket and see what you reckon. It could soon become your 'go to' spray sealant.