Supernatural Plush Applicator - plush microfibre covered applicator pad SECONDS

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This is a Supernatural Plush Applicator that's either a little discoloured, has a loose thread or has a dirty mark on it. Nothing too bad, but nothing we can sell as 100%. This could make it a bit of a bargain for you.

PLEASE NOTE that the picture used is for illustrative purposes only and does not depict the exact item you will receive.

Here's what we say about the original item:

A pouched microfibre applicator with a foam centre, but with a difference - it’s covered in the softest, plushest, deepest pile microfibre imaginable. Because it’s so soft, it's perfect for applying glazes, pre-wax cleansers and polishes to the most sensitive and scratch-prone finishes.

For applying aggressive polishes by hand to remove swirls, we'd recommend an applicator with a bit more 'bite'. Maybe the Dodo Juice Blue Roo, instead.

Please note that foam applicators like the Supernatural Finger Mitt are recommended for the application of waxes because microfibre pile tends to clog when used with paste products. Also, hand washing of this product is recommended, but it can be machine washed (40 degrees non-bio liquid, no conditioner/softener) and tumble dried if the owner accepts the risk of the foam inner becoming tangled or dislodged.