Supernatural Essentials Kit - expert car care bundle for wash, clay, polish and wax stages (6 items) up to £6 saving

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A kit for the professional detailer or committed enthusiast, this gives you products for all four main stages of car prep: Wash, Claying, Polishing and Waxing.

Firstly, there's Supernatural Shampoo 250ml, our 1:1500 concentration shampoo for initial cleaning with a thorough two-bucket wash.

Then leave the car wet after rinsing (instead of drying) and clay the car using our 100g multi-grade clay and Supernatural Clay Lube. This will deep clean the paint and remove any embedded contaminants.

Now you'll dry the car and head on to the next stage - polishing. Use the 250ml Supernatural Micro Prime supplied here to mildly polish any type of paint, leaving behind a clean, lustrous shine.

Finally, protect your finish with a choice of 30ml wax. You can choose between Supernatural Hybrid Nano 30ml (ceramic hybrid wax), Supernatural Hybrid 30ml (hybrid wax with sealant ingredients) or our recommended choice for vintage cars, Supernatural Wax 30ml (classic carnauba wax).

Best of all, buying as a kit means a saving of around 10% over list price.

Contains: Supernatural Shampoo 250ml, Supernatural Clay Lube 500ml, Supernatural Detailing Clay (twin pack 2x50g=100g), Supernatural Micro Prime 250ml, Supernatural wax 30ml (choice of classic carnauba wax, Hybrid or Hybrid Nano).

(£59-66 list price of items = up to £6 saving)