Supernatural Hybrid Wax 100ml - high-performance hybrid car wax

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Half wax, half sealant, Supernatural Hybrid takes on all-comers in the LSP (Last Step Product) market - whether expensive boutique waxes or fashionable hi-tech sealants.

Easy to use, with a butter-like texture, and capable of filling minor defects in paint to leave a glossy and reflective finish. Expect excellent durability and heat resistance, as well. That's because we add some secret synthetic ingredients to our T1 carnauba to make it really perform.

Users of daily driven cars in Europe report approximately 4-6 months of longevity before a new layer is required (so a 100ml jar is going to last many years). The final bonus is that Supernatural Hybrid makes a great wheel sealant, so it could save you money by preventing the need to buy a dedicated wheel protectant product.

Supernatural Hybrid suits all hues of paintwork, but especially whites, silvers and light colours because the sealant ingredients give it a little additional reflection compared to a standard carnauba wax. You could say it is the best of both worlds, with the warmth and depth of a wax and the crisp gloss of a sealant. Recoating interval is 4-6 months (or even more).

When this wax was launched it won BOTH the wax and sealant categories in the Detailing World awards - something that hadn't happened before and probably hasn't happened since. That's just how innovative this hybrid wax was - it totally confused the voting system! Since then, it's become one of our best-selling waxes, with thousands of jars sold - and it is now on its third recipe to keep it ahead of the field. We have even had it out-performing waxes that have supposedly beaten it in awards and tests. It really is that good. A legend in the making.

*Detailing World Best Wax Product 2012* *Detailing World Best Sealant 2012* *Detailing World Wax Product Runner-up 2013*