Supernatural Maxi Merino - wool cutting pad 150mm (6 inch)

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Wool pads can run cooler than foam pads of the same 'cut' and give fast, effective results. This soft Merino wool pad is at the gentler end of the wool cutting scale (think of it as being just a bit more aggressive than a foam polishing pad) yet it can still remove swirls and other defects with ease... but watch out for holograms. You'll invariably have to finish down with a gentler pad and polish combination.

Note that these wool pads will 'moult' a little on first use and that they aren't suitable for orbital or DA machines due to their long pile (use a Supernatural Microfibre Orbital Cutting Pad instead).

The Maxi Merino fits 'hook and loop' backing plates of a 150mm diameter: the Dodo Juice Maxi Mount is ideal. Whilst it can be used with 123-125mm diameter backing plates this leaves a lot of the pad unsupported and this is not recommended.

After use, simply use neat washing-up liquid to remove polish residues from the wool, rinse under a running tap and then allow to air dry.