Supernatural 'Mini' Orbital Backing Plate - orbital backing plate 70mm (3 inch) 5/16 male connection

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A 70mm (3 inch) 5/16” backing plate for orbital/DA use, made from ultra-soft foam. Perfect for tackling more confined areas, in combination with 80mm-100mm foam 'spot' pads or the 80mm Supernatural Microfibre orbital cutting pad. If you've ever found your DAS-6's standard backing plate too large or unwieldy, this is the answer.

It will also fit Megs 220 machines and other DAs with the right 5/16" male connection.

Remember to start and stop the pad on the paint surface when using orbital machines, to prolong backing plate/pad life. Care also needs to be taken when separating the hook and loop surfaces, to avoid tearing.

Note: suits DAS-6 polishing machines, G220 and other orbital/DA machines with a 5/16 inch male connection only - it will not fit rotary polishers or DAS-15/Big Foot style machines.