Supernatural 'Midi' Orbital Backing Plate - 123mm (5 inch) 5/16 male connection

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A 123mm (5 inch) 5/16” DA fitment backing plate for orbital use, made from ultra-soft foam. Doesn't yield too much, so cut can be sustained, but the softer material is less likely to tear through the foam pad under pressure. Hook and loop backing.

Suitable for most standard 150mm foam pads. Works well with DAS-6 machines, Megs G220 etc. and is often a good upgrade over the standard backing plate provided.

Remember to start and stop the pad on the paint surface when using orbital machines, to prolong backing plate/pad life. Care also needs to be taken when separating the hook and loop surfaces, to avoid tearing.

Note: suits DAS-6 polishing machines, G220 and other orbital/DA machines with a 5/16 inch male connection only - it will not fit rotary polishers or DAS-15/Big Foot style machines.