Supernatural Tar and Glue Remover - high performance citrus tar and glue remover

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Most tar and glue removers are pretty unpleasant to use, but not this one! Supernatural Tar & Glue Remover will do what it says on the label, and remove tar, rubber marks and most glue residues with ease - whilst being a pleasure to use.

It’s blended with pure, natural orange oil, and smells amazing. Whilst we wouldn't recommend you inhale it deeply or smoke whilst applying it (it is still a very volatile solvent) it does make tar removal a little more pleasant. Very handy for tar specks, rubber scuffs and sticker/vinyl residue. Just spray on and then buff the surface with a soft cloth until it is clean and dry.

Choose from a ready-to-go spray, or an economical 5 litre refill.

Note that Supernatural Tar and Glue Remover should not be used immediately before claying unless the panel is thoroughly rinsed first. Also, it cannot be diluted with water to make it go further. It must be used neat.