Supernatural Leather Cleaner - multiple award-winning intensive leather cleaner

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Supernatural Leather Cleaner is the reigning champion in Auto Express tests... unbeaten since 2015.

So what makes it so good? Well, its water-based formula sympathetically yet effectively cleans coated leather, and leather cloth, antique 'aniline' leather and vinyl. The blend of soaps and mild solvents remove a wide range of dirt and contaminants, including blue dye from jeans (in most cases) and even biro. All without the need for abrasives, which could damage the finish.

Furthermore, it's residue-free to prevent the usual scenario of sticky deposits from oils in the leather 'feed' attracting dirt. Eventually, the dirt captured in an oily layer is going to be ground into the leather, spoiling and degrading its finish. That's why we don't recommend 'nourishing' or 'feeding' leather. Simply get it clean, then protect it with a 'dry residue' sealant like Supernatural Leather Sealant.

Also available in a handy wipe, plus a 5 Litre version offering greater savings and being better for the environment by cutting down on packaging

*Auto Express Best Leather Cleaner 2015*
*Auto Express Best Leather Cleaner 2016*
*Auto Express Best Leather Cleaner 2017*
*Auto Express Best Leather Cleaner 2018*
*Evo Best Leather Cleaner 2019*
*Auto Express Best Leather Cleaner 2020*
*Carbuyer Best Leather Cleaner 2020*
*Auto Express Best Leather Cleaners 2022*

Please note that Supernatural Leather Cleaner is a HIGHLY effective product and should not be used on damaged or sensitive finishes. We always recommend testing the leather cleaner on an inconspicuous area first. Apply using a colour-fast cloth or a suitable leather brush (leather brush only for more robust applications).