Supernatural Leather Cleaner Wipe - non-scratch cleaning interior wipe

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Our quadruple award winning Leather Cleaner - now in a wipe form!

If you want to see what the fuss is about, or want to clean up a patch, blemish or funny looking mark from a leather seat or sofa, this is the wipe for you. It's our same great formula, just in a handy non-scratch, absorbent wipe. No need for a separate cloth, or bottle stuck at the back of a cupboard. Just tear open the longlife wipe, unfold the wipe inside and get cleaning.

Available in a triple pack as well, should you want more than just one to sample. Maybe you have an eight seater MPV that the kids and dog regularly make dirty. Or an extra large sofa in Lamborghini Countach white hide that gets discoloured all the time? It will even work on leather shoes and handbags.