Supernatural Corduroy Cutting Pad - corduroy heavy cutting pad, 148mm (6 inch)

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If wool or microfibre aren't cutting it - quite literally - you may need to step up to a corduroy or denim pad. These can be brutally effective at removing orange peel and deep scratches, but the risk of 'strike-through' and permanent paint damage is obviously much higher…

The Supernatural Corduroy Cutting pad offers almost as much cut as the denim pads available on the market, but doesn't clog so readily and is easier to clean after use. It's usable for both orbital or rotary machines, although it's not a pad that you can "angle" if using a rotary machine.  

148mm diameter ventilated design (to keep the panel and machine head temps lower, and help minimise dust clogging), with hook and loop backing for 123-150mm (5-6 inch) backing plates.

Certainly one for the more expert detailers amongst our customers - maybe the pro who has never tried a denim or corduroy pad? Why not see what these can do? You may like them and throw away your heavy cut foam pads as a result.