Supernatural Fabric Sealant - hydrophobic sealant for interior upholstery & soft-tops

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Our award-winning Leather Sealant is the perfect protection for leather and vinyl, inhibiting dye transfer from jeans as well as making it waterproof.

But what do you use on fabric surfaces? Or use to seal a fabric/canvas convertible roof?

Here’s your answer. Supernatural Fabric Sealant.

It’s a high-tech layerable sealant made to be as water-resistant as possible.

For quick and easy application, spray it on to the surface.

For full protection, empty a little into a small container and brush or roller it onto the material. Once dry, apply additional layers. Three or four cured layers provide the ultimate protection – the fabric needs to have been completely saturated to become totally water-repellent.

If you’re after real world evidence of its water-proofing abilities, see this video featuring a canvas shoe - and real world application to a fabric roof, courtesy of OCD.

Prep-wise, we recommend the use of a good All Purpose Cleaner (Dodo Juice Total Wipe Out) to clean upholstery before sealant application. For fabric hoods, use a dedicated fabric hood cleaner or clean them as thoroughly as possible using regular detailing products (e.g. a low foam shampoo, mild APC solution etc.).

Please note that the fabric type can be critical in how water behaves - some fabrics are simply too inconsistent to allow a waterproof coating to be laid down. Therefore the hydrophobic results achieved may fall short of those shown in the videos. A lot depends on application and material... no guarantees to performance or water effect can be given.