Supernatural Finger Mitt - ultra-soft foam finger mitt, 110ppi

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We couldn't find the perfect wax applicator on the market, so we decided to make one. These hand-stitched foam ‘finger mitts’ are therefore made from the softest 110ppi foam - the densest foam you can get - and have an internal seam so there is no ‘sonic weld’ around the edge to mar a soft finish (like the little flying saucer style applicator pads). The high density means the wax is kept on the surface of the paint, rather than being absorbed back into the applicator.

The mitt design is comfortable in use and gives you the ‘feel’ of applying wax by your fingertips, albeit with the consistency of foam pad application. They’re also difficult to drop on the floor and don’t fly away in the breeze!

Available in single and twin packs.

To maintain, simply massage neat washing up liquid into the finger mitt under a running tap after use, then rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry. Finger mitts may become torn and discoloured over time, so consign old finger mitts to secondary duties like tyre care.