Supernatural Shampoo - super-concentrated pH-neutral maintenance shampoo

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Supernatural Shampoo is a highly concentrated car shampoo, diluting up to 1:1500 with water - about 20x as concentrated as some high street car shampoos.

It contains no added fragrances or colours to ensure that the active ingredients work as effectively as possible, and it has been enhanced with anti-static agents and sheeting ingredients (to improve rinsing and water run-off).

So overall, it foams nicely with long-lasting suds, it’s lubricated enough (but not too much as this can impede cleaning), it cleans effectively and it’s economical as you use so little in a bucket per wash. What more could you want?

Some limescale inhibitors for hard water areas? Check.

Maybe a pump dispenser to accurately dose your bucket (1 pump of just 2ml for every 3 litres of water)?

OK, we’ll give you one of those as well...

Note that there is always a temptation to try and under-dose a super concentrated product like Supernatural Shampoo. 1:1500 is an average dilution ratio. On lightly soiled cars in soft water areas, it could be diluted further (say 1:2000) and on very dirty cars in hard water areas it should be used at twice the normal concentration (1:750).