Supernatural Traffic Film Remover - high performance citrus Traffic Film Remover (TFR)

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A more sophisticated and powerful (yet pleasant to use) Traffic Film Remover than other TFRs, thanks to the extensive use or aromatic citrus ingredients.

Supernatural Traffic Film Remover offers superb cleaning power as a pre-wash. Just spray onto dirty areas, leave to dwell and then jet wash the car clean.

Due to its high concentration, you could even potentially clean a car contactlessly simply using Supernatural TFR as a pre-wash and then using a pressure washer. Whilst this will never be as thorough a clean as a full pre-wash, wash, clay etc. it does allow a reasonable maintenance wash without making direct contact with the paintwork at all, therefore preventing swirl marks entirely...

Magic? No, just the right chemicals, in the right formulation, used the right way...

Choose from a 500ml 'ready to go' spray or an economical 5 litre refill.